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Nova Corps Marines

Welcome to Nova Corps Marines clan page.
We are a tight-knit well organized PS3 gaming group with a focus on First Person Shooters like Resistance 3, MAG, and the upcoming DUST 514. We do not Limit ourselves to one game type though. We have a small contingent in EVE Online and will put a focus on Starhawk when it comes out in May. Kill to Death Ratio is not important to us, Winning through Communication and Teamwork is. The music you hear is the NCM theme

Check us out on!/NovaCorpsMarines

We here at Nova Corps Marines are busy looking for like minded gamers to join our ranks. So if you value teamwork, unison, and just having laughs we may have room for you in our “Few and Proud”! So if any of ye are feelin’ a need for a good team, contact any of our officers or post a message
Therion -Symph#9 Dvorak
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